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BirthFit is a program that aims to help women prepare for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery through fitness, nutrition, and education. It focuses on building strength, improving mobility, and reducing the risk of injury during pregnancy and childbirth.

Birthfit St George, Can I exercise while pregnant

About Our Momstrong Classes

Are you preparing for motherhood and looking for guidance and support during the transition? Birthfit is here to help. Whether you’re pregnant or postpartum, our program offers a holistic approach to birth preparation and postpartum recovery, including breathwork, safe and effective strength and conditioning, and education on nutrition and overall wellness. Let us support you on your journey to motherhood.

Birthfit St George, Can I exercise while pregnant

B! Prenatal

Enhance your pregnancy experience by fostering a deep connection with your body through our specially designed strength and conditioning programs. Our programs are tailored to be safe and intentional, ensuring that both you and your baby are well taken care of. Cultivate a strong and healthy pregnancy with our expert guidance.

Prenatal fitness st George

this is the most important time in your life to nuture your body and stay physically fit

Birthfit St George, Can I exercise while pregnant

B! Postpartum

Nurture your postpartum journey with our comprehensive program that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit. Establish a strong foundation with BIRTHFIT Basics and progress to our Postpartum Training program, which integrates breath work and movement to help you seamlessly integrate fitness back into your daily life. Our program is designed to support the healing and rejuvenation of new mothers, honoring the unique journey of each woman. Whether you have had a vaginal birth or cesarean, our program is tailored to meet your specific needs. We start with breath work and body awareness exercises to help you reconnect with your body, then integrate breath and awareness into innate human movement patterns, gradually building strength and stability in a safe and nurturing way, to help you restore physical fitness and vitality.

Prenatal fitness st George.

Time to prepare for the most athletic event of your life!

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