Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain

Embrace pregnancy joyfully, minus the back pain. Over 50% of women experience low back pain during this precious time. Find specialized care at Crux Sport & Spine to support your unique needs and ensure a comfortable journey.

Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain

Embrace the uniqueness of your pregnancy journey. While discomfort can vary, enduring low back pain for nine months isn’t mandatory. At our St. George prenatal chiropractic clinic, we understand the individuality of your experience and are dedicated to addressing the root cause of your pregnancy-related back pain. Rediscover comfort and joy in this transformative time with our expert care.

Common Causes of Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

  • Postural changes
  • Growth of the baby
  • Change in the center of gravity
  • Hormones affecting joint and ligament laxity
  • Strain on the musculature of the low back

Your Visit With us

At Crux Sport & Spine, we understand that pregnancy brings unique aches, pains, and challenges. Our approach is to provide personalized treatment plans tailored to your individual needs. Using the Webster Technique, we assess and adjust your posture, addressing any issues related to your hips, abdomen, pelvis, and back to alleviate low back pain. Dr. Kati Smith is specially trained in prenatal chiropractic care by the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association (ICPA), ensuring gentle techniques that prioritize your baby’s health while reducing discomfort.

Each visit begins with a comprehensive movement-based assessment, identifying key contributors to your pain. We combine muscle release techniques with chiropractic adjustments to relax tight muscles, allowing for improved mobility and overall well-being. In our rehab area, we guide you through safe and effective exercises and stretches, empowering you to extend the benefits of each session at home according to your specific needs and goals.

Embrace this transformative journey with confidence and comfort. Book your appointment at Crux Sport & Spine today!

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