Low Back Pain While Golfing

Back pain is one of the top reasons golfers stop playing. It can be very frustrating not to complete the front nine without pain or have to stop and rest. If you love golf, you owe it to yourself to start treating and rehabbing your back pain today so you can perform your best on the course. 

Top 2 Reasons for low back pain

• Facet Syndrome

• Disc Herniation

Facet Syndrome

Facet Syndrome can be a significant contributor to chronic low back pain, affecting 15-45% of patients. The facet joints in the lower back serve to limit rotation and prevent forward slipping or displacement. However, repetitive stress over time can result in joint irritation and subsequent localized low back pain, especially when bending backward. It’s important to note that each case may vary in its presentation.

If you’re an avid golfer, it’s crucial to understand that while rotation is inherent in the sport, excessive facet movement is not desirable. The low back should primarily function as a stable structure during your golf swing, with most of the rotation originating from the hips or the midback (thoracic region).

To prevent facet syndrome and alleviate low back pain, a strong core is vital. Your core muscles work to protect the facet joints from repeated impact during your swing. Weakness in the core or limited rotation in the hips and midback can perpetuate facet pain until these issues are addressed.

At our facility, we take a comprehensive approach to treating facet syndrome in golfers. Our rehab program focuses on enhancing core function and improving hip and midback mobility. By strengthening the core, we minimize excessive extension and rotation of the low back, reducing joint irritation. Additionally, we prioritize increasing mobility in the hips and midback to enhance rotation, resulting in a more powerful swing and increased distance on the golf course.

Don’t let facet syndrome hinder your golfing enjoyment and performance. Take action today by seeking our specialized treatment for facet syndrome rehabilitation. Our experienced team will design a personalized program to address your specific needs and help you regain pain-free movement and optimize your golf game. Schedule your appointment now to start your journey toward a stronger, healthier, and more enjoyable golfing experience.

Disc Herniation

Are you experiencing pain when bending forward? Does the pain worsen in the morning and at night? Are simple tasks like picking up a golf ball becoming a challenge? These symptoms may indicate a disc herniation, a common condition affecting almost 35-45% of adults during their lifetime. While more prevalent in men than women, disc herniations can significantly impact your daily life.

A disc consists of a nucleus (a jelly-like substance) and an annulus (a tough band surrounding the nucleus). When the annulus becomes torn, the jelly-like material can protrude, causing compression on the nerves located near the discs. This compression leads to symptoms such as pain, numbness, or tingling.

If you’re an avid golfer, it’s important to be aware that disc herniations often occur due to a combination of rotational and forward bending movements in the low back. As golf involves substantial rotation, injuries to the discs can be more common. Factors such as weak core muscles and limited hip mobility contribute to excessive rotation in the low back, increasing the risk of disc herniations.

At our St. George chiropractic clinic, we specialize in addressing disc herniations and helping golfers overcome their back pain. Our chiropractor will conduct a thorough examination to determine the movements that aggravate your symptoms. We prioritize stabilizing the core to prevent painful movements, particularly excessive rotation and flexion of the low back. Additionally, we focus on enhancing hip and midback rotation, enabling you to perform better on the golf course while leaving your back pain behind.

Don’t let a disc herniation hinder your golfing enjoyment or limit your daily activities. Take action today and schedule an appointment with our experienced chiropractor. We will provide a comprehensive approach tailored to your specific needs, helping you find relief from pain and regain your mobility. Don’t let back pain hold you back – let us guide you towards a pain-free and fulfilling golfing experience.

Other Low Back Conditions We Treat!

Your Visit With us

At Crux Sport & Spine, your journey to pain relief and improved well-being begins with our comprehensive approach. We prioritize your health by conducting a thorough movement-based assessment during each visit, enabling us to identify any crucial factors contributing to your pain. Combining targeted muscle release techniques with chiropractic adjustments, we work to release tension in your muscles, facilitating improved movement and an overall sense of well-being.

But our care doesn’t end there. After your adjustment, we take you to our dedicated rehab area, where we empower you with the tools to extend the benefits of your session beyond our clinic. Through personalized stretches and exercises tailored to your specific needs and goals, we equip you with the knowledge and techniques to continue your progress at home.

Experience the exceptional chiropractic care and expertise at Crux Sport & Spine. Take the first step towards a pain-free and healthier life by visiting us today!

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