Low Back Pain

If you are experiencing low back pain, you are not alone. Approximately 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time. Low back pain is also the leading cause of disability in workers under the age of 40. Our St. George chiropractors are ready to help you break free from your low back pain. 

Our Approach to Low Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common, and no two cases are identical. Muscle strains, disc herniations, joint injuries, arthritis, scoliosis, posture, and stress are some of the causes of back pain. A different treatment approach is required for each of these causes. At Crux Sport & Spine, the essential first step in treating back conditions is getting to the source of the pain.

Fear-avoidance behaviors and harmful or negative thinking about back pain may prolong the course of low back pain. We don’t promote fragility and reliance. We give you the tools to develop self-efficacy and resilience and remove these negative attitudes about back pain so you can stay pain free.

Your Visit With US

Our St. George chiropractors  start every visit with a comprehensive movement based assessment to identify any critical contributors to your pain. We then combine muscle release techniques with chiropractic adjustments to help relax your tight muscles and allow your body to move better and feel better. Then, most patients are brought to our rehab area, where we teach you how to extend your session’s benefits at home through stretches and exercises based on your needs and goals.

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