Neck Pain

The majority of neck pain our St. George Chiropractors see is caused by repetitive trauma to the neck’s soft tissue from prolonged poor posture. Most neck pain originates from muscle strains, disc irritation, or joint problems. It is essential to get the proper treatment to identify the source of pain. If you are dealing with neck pain, see our St. George chiropractic clinic. 

Neck Pain Conditions We Treat!

Our Approach to Neck Pain

Our goal is to reduce your pain and inflammation and improve your mobility and function. Successful treatment depends on your unique reason for neck pain. There are many reasons you experience neck pain, the most common of which are disc irritation and facet joint syndrome. Successful treatment should yield a reduction of pain within two weeks. Treatments may be longer to build tolerance and create a resilient neck.

Your Visit With US

We start every visit with a comprehensive movement based assessment to identify any critical contributors to your pain. We then combine muscle release techniques with chiropractic adjustments to help relax your tight muscles and allow your body to move better and feel better. Then, most patients are brought to our rehab area, where we teach you how to extend your session’s benefits at home through stretches and exercises based on your needs and goals.

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