Round Ligament Pain

Our prenatal chiropractor has experience and special training in working with round ligament pain. We provide soft tissue release to the round ligament to help relax and decrease the pressure that may be felt.

About Round Ligament Pain

Round ligament discomfort can be a sharp pain near the abdomen or groin area. Often occurring during transitional activities, you will feel pain on one side or both sides of the belly. The round ligament is a strong band of tissue that supports the uterus on both sides. Two round ligaments connect on each side of the uterus down to the groin.

During the later pregnancy stages, the round ligament experiences stretch due to the baby’s increased size. This extra load, plus rapid stretch of the ligament during activities, will cause pain. Most women are told that this discomfort is a normal part of pregnancy. Just because you are pregnant does not mean you need to live with pain and discomfort. We provide care to get you out of pain and have a more enjoyable pregnancy

Symptoms of Round Ligament Pain

  • Sharp, stabbing pain felt on the lower portion of your abdomen or groin. That only lasts a few seconds.
  • Discomfort during exercise due to inadequate bracing of the abdomen.
  • Rapid movements such as rolling over in bed, moving from sitting to standing, sneezing, coughing, or laughing may increase symptoms.

Slowing down transitional movements, preparing your body for activity, and avoiding rapid stretching of the round ligament will help reduce your pain. If you are experiencing abdominal pains that last for more than a few minutes and are accompanied by bleeding, cramping, fever, or chills, these may be signs of a more serious condition. 

Your Visit With US

Our prenatal chiropractor has special training in working with round ligament pain. Dr. Kati Smith provides soft tissue release to the round ligament to help relax and decrease the pressure that may be felt. Utilizing Webster Technique to optimize your pelvic position will reduce tension experienced from a misaligned pelvis. The key to treating round ligament pain is strengthening the glutes and using functional bracing techniques to stabilize the abdominal region. We will teach you how to brace your core correctly during movements to help reduce the rapid stretch of the round ligament and get you out of pain.

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