Shoulder Pain

Shoulder problems are often multifactorial. While the pain can be debilitating, it does not have to be long-lasting. When a shoulder is injured, usually there is an underlying faulty movement pattern that needs to be identified. Correcting this movement by strengthening your shoulder (not resting) is key to your success. 

Shoulder Conditions We Treat!

Our Approach to Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is very common, especially in overhead sports. Due to the naturally shallow bony configuration of the shoulder joint, the shoulder is extremely unstable. The essential first step in treating shoulder conditions is getting to the source of the pain.

At Crux in St. George, Utah, we look for compensating patterns to explain the “why” behind your shoulder pain. Then we help you restore the shoulder’s natural movement by combining muscle release techniques and strengthening programs so you can feel better, faster.

Your Visit With US

We start every visit with a comprehensive movement based assessment to identify any critical contributors to your pain. We then combine muscle release techniques with chiropractic adjustments to help relax your tight muscles and allow your body to move better and feel better. Then, most patients are brought to our rehab area, where we teach you how to extend your session’s benefits at home through stretches and exercises based on your needs and goals.

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