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We use safe and highly effective chiropractic care to restore proper function. We help you get back on track by helping to eliminate your neck pain, back pain, and other injuries or health concerns.

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Muscle Release Technique

We offer multiple forms of therapies that focus on releasing your tense areas formed from trauma or overuse. Our therapies help improve oxygen flow, relieve pain, and restore movement.

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Individualized Rehab

We provide you with unique, Individualized rehab plans to ensure every session is focused on helping you achieve your performance goals in life, sports, and work.

Prenatal Chiropractor near me. Prenatal chiropractic care

Prenatal Chiropractic

Throughout pregnancy, the body must constantly adapt, causing soft tissue discomfort and joint pain. Our pregnancy chiropractic care can help decrease your pain and maintain your alignment, allowing for a smoother birthing process.

Pediatric Chiropractor near me. Pediatric chiropractic care

Pediatric Chiropractic

Kids are always on the move, and with these movements comes tumbles and falls. We provide safe, gentle chiropractic care that is beneficial for everyday tumbles, infantile colic, and more!

Pediatric Chiropractor near me. Pediatric chiropractic care

Postpartum Chiropractic

We offer treatment plans to prevent, reduce, and/or resolve symptoms women have been made to think are consequences of childbirth. We focus on rehab exercises to heal and target the core, pelvic floor, and body.

Our Happy Patients!

I couldn’t recommend this place more. Dr. Trevor helped me out with my lower back pain my first visit! I received a steroid shot about a month before with no relief. It was really nice receiving a personal text from Dr. Trevor after my appointment with a personalized instructional video. You can tell he truly cares about what he does.
Malcolm H
Dr. Kati Smith was absolutely amazing. She was very gentle with me and talked me through it all, covering everything she was doing and the reason for doing it. I walked in there pretty uncomfortable with some hip pain, and walked out of there pain free and feeling amazing. I'd recommend her for sure especially if you're pregnant! She's awesome. She's now my go to chiropractor. Thank you so much Kati!
Kimberlie B
Trevor is a miracle worker. I couldn’t walk well when I went in and walked out being able to deadlift. He quickly found the cause of my 4 year recurring back pain and gave me exercises that immediately fixed the problem! He gave me new life!!!
Jen P
Dr. Kati is a pregnant woman's best friend! I really appreciate the time and attention she gives in helping my body feel comfortable during pregnancy. 10/10 recommend to everyone!
Nicole B
I went to Dr. Kati during my third trimester when I was having major hip and back pain. After only one visit I walked out feeling like a completely new person because the pain was gone! For the rest of my pregnancy she helped me to continue to keep the pain at bay and prepare for labor. Since having my baby I have seen her and again, she has helped my body feel so much better! I highly recommend visiting Dr. Kati for prenatal and postpartum help 🙂
Emily M
Dr. Trevor is very knowledgeable and really cares about his patients. He goes the extra mile to make a personalized plan to help you achieve your results. He gives you practical exercises to do at home so you don’t have to spend a fortune going to the office 3 times a week like other physical therapists. He is great at explaining things in a way that helps you get to the root of the problem so you know why you are in pain and how to fix it. I have had bad back pain for years and nothing has helped until now. I was in so much pain I was on the verge of quitting my job until I found Crux.
Ashley S
They both were just so kind, and sooo nice! Very professional and so informative. I saw Dr. Trevor and before seeing him I was struggling to make the smallest movements. He gathered proper information about my pain and was so patient with me! By the time I left I felt already so much better and so much relief. He sent me home with exercise to do along with a band. He shortly sent me a video explaining the homework assignment with the exercise that he had explained. Their office was beautiful, their office manager was so polite, and Dr. Trevor literally cared. Thank you sooo much!! I’m truly grateful
Cheslie H
I loved my first appointment with Kati today. I left thinking I have to tell everyone about my experience. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and saw Kati to help me with the lower back that you get with growing a little human and to help adjust my pelvis to prepare for delivery. Kati took the time to get to know me as a human and not just someone who is paying her money. She is kind, sincere and she educated me. I love that she explained things to me rather than just simply do them. Not only that, I really appreciated that she took the time for an assessment and know my body before an adjustment.
Millie O
Dr. Kati Smith took the time to listen to my concerns for myself and infant, was thorough in initial examination, and spent time loosening muscles before doing the adjustments. She is gentle and friendly with babies. She took time to go over some exercises and physical therapy to work on before next appointment.

My husband also sees Dr. Trevor for physical therapy and adjustments and we are both very happy with the services offered at the Crux! If you’re looking for more than the quick spinal crunch’n crack before being hustled out the door please do yourself a favor and book an appointment at Crux! 🙂
Nettie T
I started going to Crux after I had an accident that hurt my lower back, but I stayed because Trevor and Kati are the BEST! Trevor worked with me through every little ache and pain that I had in my body for the last 4 years. From shoulder popping, to knee pain, to hip and lower back pain. They not only adjusted me, but worked with me and taught me strengthening exercises to help me keep my body in good condition even when I’m out of their office. On top of all of that, they are A+ quality people. You will not find kinder, more genuine people in St. George. So glad they’re here in town!
Allison M
Dr. Trevor is definitely the best chiropractor in sports rehab in town! I tweaked my back training for the Highland games and a strongman competition, and within 5 weeks of sports rehab and a few adjustments, I was In tip top shape! He gave me lots of homework on what to do to make sure I was recovering properly. He would even text me on random days to see how I was feeling and do random check ups. Talk about accountability. If I didn’t say I was having an amazing day or even if it was just “okay”, Trevor wanted to make my day brighter and he did every time.
Jacob J
Kati is not only professional and educated in her work, she is also someone I call a friend now. She’s been such a huge help in preparing my body for child birth and she really cares about her patients. She even came to my house after I had our baby and helped ease my postpartum pain and adjusted my new little guy. She knows her stuff and I would recommend anyone to her!
Jenna R

Crux Sport & Spine